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NVQ Funded Courses


Funding is available at Salma’s for various NVQ courses. Whether you are employed or unemployed. Looking to enhance your skills or learn a completely new qualification we have something to suit everybody.

Our funded courses are offered at two of our main locations:
Batley and Bradford. 

Every month we have a new cohort of learners starting programmes in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Beauty therapy, Nail Technology, Hairdressing, Customer Services and Business Administration.

We also offer training in the following areas at Level 1, 2 and 3:

  • Leadership and Management
  • GCSE’s
  • Functional Skills
  • Employability 

Enrolment is simple. You can arrange a meeting with a member of the Careers team available at Batley or Bradford any day of the week. This will give you the opportunity to come in and ask questions as well as help us give you the correct information you require to reach your end goal. 


Funding Information


Self funding/Commercial Courses

Do you want to join an NVQ class but don’t want to access funding or take a loan? Salma’s Beauty Academy offers the option of self funding your course at a very competitive rate. In order to make it more affordable for you we can split the cost into manageable instalments, enabling you to pay over a set amount of weeks or months. All we need is a 50% deposit to secure your place on the course.



Are you more of a hands on person? Apprenticeships may be just what you’re looking for. Apprenticeships allow you to put in to practise what you learn in the classroom and earn while learn. It’s the perfect way to get stuck into real life situations of working in industry. If you are under the age of 19 or above and looking to go on to further education you are entitled to free tuition. We offer NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3 Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships, where you will be paid for 30 hours work a week and receive 4 weeks paid holiday, as well as full funding for your tuition. 


Adult Learner Funding

Are you looking to kick start a new career without a large investment? Look no further. Salmas Beauty Academy offer NVQ Level 2 and 3 courses fully funded for all ages. Adult learners usually come with their own barriers to learning such as financial difficulties, childcare issues and more. Salmas Beauty Academy, were possible, accommodate by working around those barriers. This funding allows all tuition fees to be paid fully with no repayments whatsoever.


19+ Advanced Learning Loan

Do you want to further your career onto level 3? Do you want to pursue a new career path? If you are 19 years of age or older, and are applying for further education or training, then you may be eligible for a re-payable student loan. Your household income is not taken into account when applying for the loan and there are no credit checks.

Why do I need this? The government has now restricted the amount of funding available for Level 3 courses. Therefore in order to do level 3 training most learners will need to access the 19+ student loan facility.

Will I be eligible for this? As long as you are a permanent resident of the UK and have valid National Insurance number you are highly likely to be accepted. (Subject to any loans you may have already accessed). However, if you have not lived in the UK for more than 3 year, or have had more than 3 student loans previous, you may not be eligible.

When do I pay it back? Repayments are only made once you earn £21,000 per annum or above. This then goes directly out of your salary therefore reducing the stress and hassle of physically worrying to pay this back. All unpaid loans will be written off after 30 years.

What happens if I don't work or earn £21,000 per annum? If you don't earn it you don't pay it. It’s as simple as that.

Once you have enrolled on the course, we will give you an easy step-by-step guide on how to apply for your student loan. 

For more information on please visit

Our free ongoing support policy is affective on all courses including funded NVQ’s. All funding is subject to availability. Some funding streams have eligibility criteria - please call 01924 420010 and speak to the careers team for more information. Most courses do not have any industry prerequisites. All learners are required to have a certain level of Literacy and Maths understanding.



NVQ Level 2 & 3 Hairdressing

NVQ Level 2 Hairdressing
Cost Fundable subject to individuals circumstances
Duration 1

NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy Course

Level 2 Beauty Therapy
Cost Fundable subject to individuals circumstances
Duration 32 weeks

NVQ Level 3 Reflexology Course

NVQ Level 3 Reflexology
Cost Fundable subject to individuals circumstances
Duration Approx 28 weeks
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