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Here at Salma's Beauty Academy, we understand and appreciate the importance of healthy skin care, which is why we have a range of facials specially to suited for different skin types.

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All our facial masks are prepared prior to application using the very best and natural ingredients. We treat all clients individually and all facials are subject to a skin analysis where your therapist will advise you on the best facial to suit your skin needs.

MONU - Express Facial Treatment
£25.00 - 30 Minutes

Suitable for all skin types. A perfect introduction to Monu or a skin care starting point. This treatment can be done in your lunch break or when you are short of time. Our therapist will personally select the most effective product to suit your skin condition leaving it refreshed.

MONU - Aromatic Facial Treatment
£35.00 - 60 Minutes

Suitable for all skin types A soothing and beneficial treatment that is suitable for all skin types. The preparations that are used contain only the purest essential oils that have been carefully selected to help balance the skin and maintain its youthful appearance.

MONU - Active Collagen Facial Treatment
£45.00 - 60 Minutes

Suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin types. This active collagen facial has been designed to reduce the signs of ageing using freeze-dried collagen. This intensive collagen treatment will improve the skins ability to retain moisture. After just one treatment the skins ability to retain moisture is improved by up to 70%. After 6 treatments, wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40%.

MONU - Smoothing Algae Facial Treament
£48.00 - 60 Minutes

Suitable for all skin types especially dull or congested skin types. This facial is ideal for anybody who would like an extra special invigorating pampering treat. This is an hour of sheer luxury leaving your skin radiant and refreshed and your spirits awakened.

MONU - Soothing Oat Facial Treatment
£48.00 - 60 Minutes

Suitable for all skin types but perfect for stressed skins. This is our ultimate relaxing and de-stressing treatment, your senses will be calmed and you will feel your tension drift away as we cocoon you in luxury.

MONU - Prescriptive Facial Treatment
£50.00 - 60 Minutes

Individually prepared for all skin types. This treatment provides the client with their own unique facial treatment where the therapist will hand select the most appropriate products and ingredients to make each client their own bespoke massage cream and face mask.

MONU - Collagen Eye Treatment
£28.00 - 60 Minutes
MONU - Manual Eye Treatment
£25.00 - 45 Minutes

Suitable for all skin types. This treatment is all about the eyes and uses specifically designed products and treatment techniques to pamper the eyes and is highly effective for hydration to the area.


Ideal for angry, stressed and acne skin types. Skin peels using safe and natural chemicals help eliminate problematic skin that suffers from scarring, sun damage, pigmentation problems (uneven skin tone), acne, fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Subject to a consultation and patch test. Recommended in a minimum set of six sessions for most effective results.

Per Session - £43.00
For 6 Sessions -£240.00

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